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Favorite Projects

The American Lung Association contacted our organization to develop a toolkit that would address the COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy we see in African American communities. They were impressed by the No Menthol Sunday toolkit I do each year and knew we could help.  

I conducted the research, drafted the copy and oversaw the layout for this hefty project. My key strategy was to validate and honor the skepticism that causes hesitancy and provide a simple, culturally-competent resource to inspire people to learn what they must learn to make an informed vaccine decision.

Soon after, I partnered with Lung Association to the draft the copy for a similar faith-based resource for The Conference of National Black Churches.  Scroll down to check out all my recent toolkits below. 

National HIV Testing Day 2021

Black Women's Health Imperative's On Our Own Terms brought me on for their 2021 National HIV Testing Day campaign. I supported the project by facilitating various aspects of the campaign's development including:

  • Strategic planning and Ideation

  • PSA script writing

  • Palm card production

Best part? Working with the great Lisa Cunningham and watching Keshia Knight Pulliam bring the entire vision to life. 

Love notes from clients and colleagues

"I just had a chance to watch the Lung Association webinar for the vaccine toolkit, Better For It, that you all developed and I wanted to say THANK YOU for doing such amazing work in developing this important resource. LaTroya, your presentation was wonderful. I have been sharing the toolkit far and wide and look forward to seeing more people using it."  -L

Toolkits from my Portfolio

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