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Latest Projects

The American Lung Association contacted our organization to develop a toolkit that would address the COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy we see in African American communities. They were impressed by the No Menthol Sunday toolkit I do each year and knew we could help.  

I conducted the research, drafted the copy and oversaw the layout for this hefty project. My key strategy was to validate and honor the skepticism that causes hesitancy and provide a simple, culturally-competent resource to inspire people to learn what they must learn to make an informed vaccine decision.

Soon after, I partnered with Lung Association to the draft the copy for a similar faith-based resource for The Conference of National Black Churches.  Check it out right here.


Here's what the clients said:

"I just had a chance to watch the Lung Association webinar for the vaccine toolkit, Better For It, that you all developed and I wanted to say THANK YOU for doing such amazing work in developing this important resource. LaTroya, your presentation was wonderful. I have been sharing the toolkit far and wide and look forward to seeing more people using it."  -L

"I wanted to let you know that you were a “ROCKSTAR” last night. Your presentation of the toolkit was absolutely awesome!!!"   -S

"LaTroya, Thank you for your presentation today on the covid-19 toolkit. Excellent and important work."  -J

National HIV Testing Day 2021

Black Women's Health Imperative's On Our Own Terms brought me on for their 2021 National HIV Testing Day campaign. I supported the project by facilitating various aspects of the campaign's development including:

  • Strategic planning and Ideation

  • PSA script writing

  • Palm card production

Best part? Working with the great Lisa Cunningham and watching Keshia Knight Pulliam bring the entire vision to life.